Chris Smith

Chris Smith


As business owners and marketers, we know that stories sell.   And there are lots of people out there that will help you develop a brand story. However, there is only one storyteller who has the gift to take your real life “story” and transform it into an irresistible platform that immediately and deeply connects with your ideal clients, partners and communities in a way that will make your company unforgettable.  There is only one storyteller who crafts soulful stories that can increase sales 10X and carve the path to amplify your brand awareness across nations.  There is only one storyteller who creates stories so legendary, that people feel compelled to share your story for you…time and time again.  This is the

Campfire Effect and this storyteller is Chris Smith. Chris is an entrepreneur, speaker, brand expert, story strategist and most importantly a husband & father to 5 amazing children. As a 5th generation Arizona native he was raised in a ranching / rodeo family and having grown up around cowboy storytellers, he has been fascinated with story since he was a small child.

Today, he helps businesses of all sizes, startups and entrepreneurs fundamentally rethink their approach to cultivating life changing stories within their businesses, and exposing those stories to the world to create growth and impact. Chris has presented at speaking events for numerous Fortune 500 Companies across the country, thousands of college students, business associations, and presented at one of the largest entrepreneur conferences in 2016 in Bombay, India.

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