Brad Martineau


Brad Martineau is the CEO of SixthDivision and Co-Founder of PlusThis.  He was born and raised in Arizona, and is the 6th of 10 kids.  He’s been married for 16 years, and has 5 kids (yep, 5 of em).  And last but not least, he has two addictions: basketball and flat brim hats.


Brad started SixthDivision about 5 years ago to help entrepreneurs make sense of how to automate their businesses without having to rip their hair out.  They did seven figures our first year in business and have been growing ever since.  


Over the the last 5 years, Brad and his team have invested multiple millions of dollars and logged well over 50,000 hours in the trenches with entrepreneurs at every stage of business and across nearly every industry.  Some big names that they’ve worked with that you might recognize include: DigitalMarketer, Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership group, Amy Porterfield, Frank Kern, Joe Polish, etc…

The end result is that they have restored order and sanity to the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, and created a proprietary, step-by-step process that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to be confident about what they should be implementing in their business AND how to actually get it implemented.

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