Paulette Sopoci


Paulette has used this ability to craft a career as a speaker, coach, and top-performing salesperson for Strategic Coach®, and has the rare distinction of being an entrepreneur who’s had the advantage of using Strategic Coach® Program concepts and tools to support her growth and development from the beginning.
Paulette has also engaged in thousands of hours of conversation with highly successful business owners from a wide range of industries about their challenges and opportunities. As a result, few people know entrepreneurs like Paulette does.
“What I appreciate about entrepreneurs,” says Paulette, “is that they really are brave. Here’s a group of people who are not letting outside forces dictate their growth. They’re coming to Strategic Coach saying, “I’m going to resist these negative forces. This is all about my growth and my impact — whether that’s on my business, the community, my team, whatever. I’m going to forge ahead and I’m going to keep growing.’ It’s a wonderful thing.”


Paulette has introduced countless entrepreneurs to the Program and coached workshops for entrepreneurial teams across North America and in countries like Mexico, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. One of the best ways Paulette’s found to connect with entrepreneurs is through what she calls “Wow Stories” — extraordinary accomplishments entrepreneurs have shared with her and claimed were only possible because of their participation in the Program. Paulette loves having the opportunity to introduce these possibilities to new audiences.
“So many entrepreneurs go their whole lives doing things, becoming comfortable with their habits and their system. Then they come to a presentation, and it’s a shock to their system to see how much they can completely change their future. To me, that’s the real pleasure — to have them walk away with real content, with a concrete idea of what’s next for them.”
Paulette joined Strategic Coach back when its team members could be counted on one hand. “Not a day goes by,” Paulette says, “that I don’t think about how grateful I am to be part of this organization, which has supported me and helped me discover my Unique Ability®. Now I get to fulfill that by giving back what I love to do — creating value for hundreds, if not thousands, of people who hear me speak about Strategic Coach.

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