Isolation is a fast track to insolvency

Successful entrepreneurs can’t move the mountain by themselves: we have to leave that mindset behind in order to move our business!

As a successful entrepreneur, you know your strengths. Do you recognize your weaknesses? Do you trust others with those tasks? Or does your business suffer because you haven’t found someone to help? Unfortunately, the right answer isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, it’s difficult simply to know who and what to ask.

Except when Fast Inc. Network is supporting you.

Fast Inc. Network is an emerging entrepreneur network rooted in the lessons learned and applied by its founders to their own personal business. Kim England and Lisha Crytzer ran a successful multi-million dollar healthcare firm assisting hospitals with hiring strategies, yet, after years of handling it on their own, their company’s growth stalled. Stagnated. It stood at the verge of bankruptcy. Years of passion and hard work balanced on the line of giving up and throwing in the towel. After a final leap of faith and attending an inspiring business conference, Kim and Lisha realized what they’d missed all along: access. Access to specialists. Realizing their expertise was first-class, their experience and frustration wasn’t unique: they were not alone. They gained the access, tools, and trust they so desperately needed. Within 2 years, they multiplied their business revenue ten-fold. TEN-FOLD.

Fast Inc. Network grew from this experience and is built for passionate business people who feel alone. Who seek involved colleagues and collaborative events, not boring Friday business luncheons where no one belongs. Who want access to experts and resources, but don’t know where to turn or who to trust. Who want an emerging entrepreneur network.

Fast Inc. Network curates experts in marketing, sales, finance, and branding so that YOU have access to what you need to fuel growth and reach your goals! This is accomplished through 3 programs:

Fast Inc. Accelerator

A focused 3-day event that brings entrepreneurs together (and out of isolation) to offer personal access to leading business experts who provide insight and strategy for growth.

Fast Inc. Circle

If you like the Accelerator and are hungry for more, apply to join the Fast Inc. Circle. Annually, FIN accepts a limited number of entrepreneurs into a community of like-minded business owners to create a trusted circle of colleagues.

Fast Inc. Escape

Unique, casual experiences that merge personal growth with fun! Fast Inc. Escapes are designed to connect you with your best self and in a place to change the conversation. This time, it’s about you, not the business. What do you want to challenge in yourself? You are the average of your 5 closest friends… surround yourself with an interactive community designed for personal growth in small groups.

It’s simple: to be the best, surround yourself with the best.

If you’re ready, Fast Inc. Network is ready for you.