Letting Go and Trusting Your Team



Suggestions for letting go and trusting your team

As an entrepreneur do you have a hard time letting go of control? For myself, I am admittedly a control-freak. It can be hard to let go and trust someone else to take care of YOUR baby! However, we all know that having a team can be the ignitor to growth.

So – I experienced a surreal moment with my team a few weeks ago and felt really compelled to share some hard truths that flashed before my eyes.

As we were welcoming our clients to our on-site event, I saw that our team members were greeted with gifts and hugs from the clients (like I used to get). This rush of awareness hit me in the gut as I realized –

  • The Clients no longer know me personally, they do however know and love my team!
  • Of course our team’s got this – they are phenomenal!
  • How much else are they capable of – have we been holding them back?

While we had operationalized our team, I was emotionally hanging on to unjustified control. This awakening was extremely freeing.

If you’ve hired a great team and you find it hard not to be in control, try to re-calibrate your thinking and accept you do not know everything and sometimes you can be wrong (ouch)!

I learned from my time in Strategic Coach that you can be in charge WITHOUT having to be in control. Dan Sullivan so masterfully explains it like this…

“Being in control means taking responsibility for running and refining an established system. Being in charge, however, means engaging your team with your “bigger future” vision of the company. In short, when you’re in control, you’re being a manager. When you’re in charge, you’re a leader. Both of these roles are vital for the success of an entrepreneurial business, but managing probably isn’t the best use of your time.”

My advice –

  • Have exceptional systems and processes in place
  • Develop skills
  • Engage with employees
  • Get out of the way

Bottom line…your job is to drive the vision of the company and lead by encouragement and inspiration.

Yesss! I miss the gifts of maple syrup, cookies and fabulous coffee mugs and hugs from our Canadian clients. However, I would not trade this accomplishment for anything. I am blessed to have this team of women that care abundantly for our business and share our vision.

So let go and trust your team.

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