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Suggestions for being a non-pushy salesperson

Have you bought a new vehicle lately? Car sales associates tend to have a bad reputation of being overly pushy sellers just trying to weasel you into a more expensive vehicle that you really may not want or need. You probably also have Facebook friends trying to sell you their latest, greatest products through the messenger app. Nobody (well at least I highly doubt it) enjoys the feeling of being sold on something. You always feel like maybe you are missing something and the deal just is not as great as the sales pitch you are getting. Sometimes the price just isn’t right, and you walk away with a feeling of disgust from the pushiness of the salesperson. Frankly, it seems like sales are just a part of our everyday lives, so how do we take the slime out of sales?

  1. Intention: The conversations that we have with our clients should be intentional. Instead of keeping the focus on what WE think the customer needs, it is important as salespeople to maintain the needs of the customer as the focus. By hearing the needs of the client first, you can package the sale in a way that appeals to the customer on a personal level. By doing so, you and the client can both walk away feeling that the deal was successful.
  2. Relationships: The relationships that we make with our clients are not only enriching to the health of a successful business, but they also create repeat customers. Instead of just focusing on the original sale at hand, keep in mind the long-term outlook of your relationship with the client. Maybe what you are offering at the moment does not fit the needs of your customer, but by forming stable relationships with them, you can keep them in your circle of prospective customers.
  3. Follow-up: The manner in which you follow-up with your clients ultimately determines the path your relationship will take. Lack of monitoring with a client is like going on a date with somebody and never hearing back from them. Would you want to do repeat business with someone who never follows up? An excellent way to follow-up with your clients is through satisfaction surveys. These can be quick, over the phone conversations that help you as the salesperson see if the customer is satisfied, or they can be as detailed as an emailed survey. You should leave the transaction with a clear understanding of what went well and what did not.

The best rule of thumb when working in sales is to be genuine, understanding, and treat your customers like people instead of a number to reach your sales quota. These may seem like basic suggestions, but when you work in a world that is all about numbers, it can be easy to forget the trivial things like relationships. Sales don’t have to feel slimy. Sales don’t have to feel pushy.

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