Finding Joy in the Midst of Stress



Simple strategies to regain perspective and passion.

No matter what place in your career you find yourself, it is likely that there has been a time that you just did not feel as passionate about what you are doing as you would like to. We hear about “burnout” so much that we almost expect to get to a point where we are no longer happy with our jobs. At the risk of sounding like I have rose-colored glasses permanently glued to my head, I have a few suggestions for fellow entrepreneurs.

How do we change the narrative? How do we keep our passion for our jobs? How do we find joy in the midst of our stresses before we reach that place of burnout?

Here are a few strategies for finding joy in the midst of job-created stress.

  1. Change your seat, change your luck.

Have you ever watched college football, or any sport for that matter, with a die-hard fan? These mega sports fans tend to be highly superstitious when it comes to things like gameday attire, food, and even the seat in which they sit. I happen to know a person who will have individuals in the room change places with one another after a losing quarter. She says, “Let’s change our seats to change our luck!” Now you don’t have to be a superstitious person to understand the concept I am getting at. Sometimes all we need is a fresh perspective; that could be as simple as working in a new environment. Do you feel a sense of dread the second you enter your workspace? Take that as a sign to switch it up and work from your favorite local coffee shop. Change your seat, change your luck.

  1.  Take five.

When you work for yourself and are the person solely responsible for your income, you can feel pressure to be working constantly. As entrepreneurs, we are marketing ourselves to people around the clock rather than the 9 to 5 most are accustomed to. Because of this feeling, we can eventually reach a point where we do not know when to shut off our phones and our brains to simply live life. Making money will always be a necessity because that is just our reality, but working should not be all we do with our 24 hours a day. As the face of your brand, you do not want to present an overworked, tired face to the public. Because of this, taking the time to clear your head and relax should not feel like a luxury; it is truly a necessity.

  1. Check your circle.

You were probably warned throughout your teenage and college years to evaluate the friends you surround yourself with because we take on the characteristics of the people we spend the most time with. Do you ever catch yourself repeating a phrase that you often hear a coworker say? Would you describe those you work with as positive people? We don’t always have a say in who we work with, but you can make a conscious effort to not take on the negative characteristics of the people around you.

If you see the need to find your joy in the midst of job-created stress, we have the perfect solution for you. You can change your perspective, take a much-needed break, and add value to your circle of colleagues by contacting us Today!  Call 1-877-202-3996 or email us at to request a call or information.

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