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You know the saying “Fake it ‘til you make it”? This expression seems to ring true sometimes in the life of an entrepreneur. You have to muster up the courage and confidence to present your idea to friends, family, and the public. Even when you feel like it may be a total flop, you feel the pressure to act poised and dignified to gain respect from potential clients and colleagues. We call that a poker face. Every seasoned business owner has a good poker face, but what if you could access some tools to put some REAL confidence behind what you are doing?

Fast Inc. Network will be hosting a business accelerator this June in Phoenix, Arizona that is like nothing you have ever attended before. As if having Daymond John as a keynote speak wasn’t enough, founders Kim and Lisha have pooled together the best minds in the business world to give a comprehensive, multidimensional panel. Not only will there be general sessions for everybody, master classes that allow you to focus in on what matters most to you, there will also be time given to 50 VIP members to showcase their story to the big name publications Entrepreneur, Success, Inc., and The Huffington Post. We all know that having a great story is not enough; you have to get that message out to the press. What other business accelerators have you attended that has the press on site, ready for you to grab their attention?

If you have not already been sold on what a great event this is, just think on this for a second. The two founders of Fast Inc. Network did not just come up with the idea for this event overnight. Years ago, they were in a stale environment in their healthcare recruitment company. They knew they needed something to change for both the financial state of their business and their emotional and mental wellbeing as entrepreneurs. They set out on a search for help from the experts in every facet of the business world. They knew they had to meet with the best of the best in everything from branding, and mass media marketing strategies, to videography tools. This quest for knowledge and networking connections not only brought them the success in their business that they were looking for, but it also brought them the idea for an event like no other.

With the knowledge and connections Kim and Lisha had gained, they came up with the concept of providing their clients with the tools that they learned in their whirlwind journey. Instead of attending a single event on a single concept and shelling out a substantial amount of money to do so, they decided that there needed to be a better solution out there for struggling entrepreneurs. Because of that, they have created a value-packed event that provides a one-stop-shopping experience.

So what are you waiting for? Stop using that worn out poker face of confidence that you have become accustomed to using. Make the decision to benefit yourself by gaining access to the tools that will give you practical strategies, meaningful connections, and the confidence you need to thrive.

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