When Faith and Business Meet



Why it requires faith to be a successful entrepreneur.

A successful entrepreneur possesses many qualities like creativity, drive, and so much more. One quality that you may not have thought of before is FAITH. It takes a lot of faith to put everything (money, time with friends and family, and effort, to name a few) into a new business venture. Some people in your family probably questioned your sanity and wondered why you don’t just go get a “normal job.” You probably have even asked yourself that a time or two. You have probably spent many sleepless nights wondering if your business is going to work, how will you pay your bills, and wonder if you are going to end up feeling like a failure. Often, entrepreneurs feel like this in isolation but smile to the world and act like everything’s smooth sailing. So what makes the risk worth the reward? And how do you manage to stay sane in the meantime?

Anyone who is their own boss will tell you that having the freedom to dictate your own schedule is a blessing in and of itself. Not having to worry about how many sick days you have left when you or your family are ill, not missing important milestones in the life of your children due to work, and being able to listen to the cues of your body when it is time for a mental break are just a few reasons that the risk is worth the reward.

So we can clearly see the benefits to an entrepreneurial lifestyle, but how do you manage the stress that comes along with all these beautiful little perks? Faith, faith and you guessed it, some more faith. Sometimes you may come to a point where you have put in all the work that you can, and you simply have to wait and trust that everything will come together. You have to have faith in the business connections you have acquired. You have to have faith that you can trust your gut feelings when it comes to making a decision. You have to have faith that the financial aspects are going to work out. You have to have faith that the parachute is going to work when you take that big leap into the unknown.

Are you starting to see a trend? Those big rewards of financial freedom, time with family and friends, and the power of being your own boss come with high-level stress, and you will not be happy or satisfied as an entrepreneur until you learn how to manage it. That is where that keyword FAITH comes in. Where is your faith? Where can you find solace in a career with many unknowns? How do you find peace when balancing the pros and cons of a hectic career?

Faith in God makes all the difference, and sometimes you simply have to trust that He would not give you an idea, a platform, a business, or anything for that matter if it were not to bring good.


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

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