Fall in Love With Your Ideal Client



If you have been in business for awhile now, you are probably starting to feel like finding your ideal client has begun to lose its luster. More than likely you started your business because you could empathize with your potential clients. You understood their needs and discovered a way to provide those services. Even if your business has been successful monetarily, you have to keep morale up by being passionate about the people you do business with.


So how do you fall in love with your ideal client?


Remember. You remind yourself why you wanted to work with clients like them in the first place. Take yourself back to that space in time when you were more excited about launching your business than anything else. Maybe you have been on the other side of the desk for so long that you need to re-engage with your clients. Empathy goes a long way when working with people. Don’t just state their problems; try to understand their struggles. If you cannot empathize with your client, you cannot properly help them. Oh yeah…remember that whole “helping people” thing?


Help. If you are no longer passionate about your clients, you have probably been gauging success solely by the numbers. Everyone knows that showing profit is important and necessary, but when the paper chase becomes all you are thinking about, you can rest assured you are headed toward a dead-end. If your primary goal is not to help the people you are working with, what are you doing? People know whether or not you are genuine with them. Naturally, humans are drawn to realness. If you are not enjoying helping your clients, you will not fool them into doing business with you. Make helping your clients your number one goal. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”


Rejuvenate. You may simply be at the point that you need to take a step back to fall back in love with your ideal client. We tend to have this idea (probably from watching too many movies) that when we are frustrated in our business, we should just give up. Why let your hard work go to waste? There is something understatedly powerful in taking a breather. Now don’t get confused and think it is a good idea to sit on the couch complaining about your frustrations while taking this break. Do something useful with this time. Attend an event that is going to raise your game and pull out inspiration. When you aren’t connecting with your clients, a business accelerator can be just what you need to reform those missing connections.
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