How We Expanded 10x in 2 Years!

Emotionally drained, with our confidence and finances depleted, we were stumped on how to create, not just fast business growth, but any growth! We stood at the verge of throwing in the towel after 12 years running a company that specialized in connecting nurses with healthcare systems. However, as women of faith and optimism, when an opportunity for help appeared, we jumped. That decision started an unexpected journey that took us from near bankruptcy to generating growth of TEN-fold in just 2 short years!

When we realized that what we did could help others, we knew immediately that we wanted to share. Here’s what we did to generate fast business growth.

#1 Confront the difficult truth.

Before giving up, we asked ourselves challenging questions to help us understand exactly how we managed our business. These questions forced us to acknowledge some tough realities: we couldn’t operate this way much longer. We were surviving, not thriving.

Lesson #1: Lack of consistent growth, unstable and unpredictable revenues, and no professional development served as clues to confront the truth about our style of operations. Ask the serious questions so that you can find a new path!

#2 Hire the right business coach.

As part of our new path, we hired a business coach. This was a big financial risk, and we were resistant to taking advice from others. Still, we knew this coach was a good fit: the coach had substantial success in producing results and we were ready.

Coaches require adjustment. Willingness to change. A good coach will uncover blind spots, challenge, open up ways of thinking. Still, the adage is true: the student must be ready to listen and learn. Even the best coach cannot teach an unwilling player. Because our experience was so profound, we’ve changed coaches annually for fresh perspectives.

Lesson #2: When hiring a coach, get clarity on their specific area of expertise and deliverables, while articulating your own needs and expectations. Be coachable and willing to get uncomfortable.

#3 Switch from isolation to inclusion.

Most entrepreneurs are pretty isolated. A mantra that resonated with us: “Isolation is the killer of dreams.” We forced ourselves into networking. We found that networking (or “connecting”) gets easier, particularly with a shift in perspective:

  • Be of service and help someone else. The more you give, the more you get: just like interest on a bank account!
  • Remain upbeat, even when you feel down and out. A positive attitude will attract the people you need.  
  • Join a mastermind: you’ll find others, like yourself, who are looking for a network! There is no substitute for connecting with a simple handshake in person!

Lesson #3: Get out and get going!

#4 Move from confusion to credibility by delegating.

Once we escaped isolation, the doors of support swung wide open. Meeting other entrepreneurs taught us that we could tap into expertise that we’d never develop as our own.  

Outsourcing to the right expert (particularly for issues like social media) allowed us to capitalize others’ experience for complex issues. The result? Willingness to trust others that grew from our first expert, who built a highly credible, effective online presence. From there, we continued to outsource and delegate additional services, including promotional and service videos, sales funnel architecture, and professional copywriting.

Lesson #4: Delegating to the right experts will provide an ROI of fast business growth.

#5 Confidence results in conversions!

Once we had access to a great business coach and a trusted network, mixed with efficient business operations, we generated tremendous confidence. We felt supported and encouraged. We confidently continued along this new path…. and that confidence created sales! The strategies and feedback we leveraged became significant: our value-based sales strategy increased conversions by 85% and supported a 65% increase in our pricing strategy.

Lesson #5: Build confidence through access to coaches, trusted networks, and expert knowledge; confidence built on that foundation creates conversions that multiplies business!

Remember: fast business growth won’t happen in a vacuum.

For us, the key became reliable access that provided insight into new strategies. When met by our open-mindedness and willingness to learn, we generated a dramatic returns.

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